Let your business profit by helping the grid work efficiently

Join the most advanced virtual power plant in the CEE region. Profit from the energy transition.

How can you help the grid?
Nano Energies will give you a custom operating schedule to help increase your biogas plant's profits. You will be able to run during the most profitable hours in a given year.
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With higher gas prices, running a CHP unit has become significantly more expensive. Based on consultation with Nano Energies, you can utilize a flexible schedule for your operations. Participating in ancillary services can make a higher profit over the whole year.
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Backup generators are usually just a source of costs - by partnering with Nano Energies, we can give you a new, risk-free source of income for your backup power system. You’ll still have the backup power you need while supporting the overall stability of the grid.
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Nano Energies will help you adjust your cooling strategy slightly to gain extra profit from ancillary services. We will give you a smooth schedule without worrying about your operational limits being exceeded. All while creating a new risk-free source of income.
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Nano Energies will find flexibility in your operations. You can improve revenues by supporting the grid without limiting your ability to deliver your services.
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Let Nano Energies manage part of your battery capacity to earn a profit by participating in grid services. The battery can still be used for its original intended purpose but with a quicker return on investment.
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6 reasons why to trust us:

We focus on the maximization of your profit

In every stage of the energy value chain, we maximize the revenue of your asset. This comes from our extensive experience and also our ability to reduce your costs.

We are pioneers with experience & a wide portfolio

We are energy technology pioneers with 15 years of pushing the envelope in the energy business. We are a trader, supplier and energy aggregator in one company.

We have a clear priority: your security

Our solution meets the strict criteria of EU IT security legislation. We focus on end-to-end encryption via our direct hardware connection, which manages critical infrastructure.

We have a good & direct connection to the grid

Regular communication with the transmission system operator gives us the advantage of cooperating with the most critical stakeholders in the business. We are partners in setting & adjusting to market design.

We have 24/7 dispatching & trading know-how

We are working 24/7 and have more than a decade of algorithmic-assisted trading experience. You can save costs and maximize the income of your assets by relying on our expertise.

We do advanced analysis & data modeling

At the core of Nano Energies is a data scientist team using precise data to predict future prices. We adjust those predictions using machine learning tools to produce the best fit for every single power plant we steer.

Cutting-edge software

At our central dispatch room, a team of experts is monitoring and evaluating market opportunities for you around the clock.

Optimized bidding strategy

We take good care of daily auctions and adjustments in operations to maximize the gain from Ancillary Services.

We monitor your device 24/7

The performance of your devices is constantly monitored and managed by our dispatching center to recognize all irregularities.

Everything we need to know at a glance

Our advanced calendar allows us to properly optimize device operations between products.

You’re in good company

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the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia and Hungary rely on us.

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