Businesses can save on electricity costs while helping to balance the grid. Prague-based Nano Energies launches their services on the Romanian market

Prague,  22. January 2024

Businesses can save on electricity costs while helping to balance the grid. Prague-based Nano Energies launches their services on the Romanian market

Prague,  22. January 2024

Nano Energies was licensed in December 2023 to provide services as an independent flexibility aggregator in Romania through its local subsidiary Digital Energy Services Romania. This license represents an opportunity for a wide range of companies that can now obtain additional sources of revenue from their energy facilities by connecting to Nano Energies' virtual power plant. At the same time, the entry of flexibility aggregators into the market provides the Romanian transmission system with significant support in preventing outages.

In other words, Nano Energies can control its customers' energy assets remotely without being their electricity supplier. The company uses advanced technology to manage the electricity consumption and generation of the assets, allowing customers to generate additional profits even when the asset is not active.

"A wide range of companies can connect to our virtual power plant. We generate additional profits for our corporate customers in sectors such as cogeneration, biogas, biomass, diesel generators, electric boilers, compressors, batteries and more. These opportunities exist almost everywhere electricity is generated, stored or consumed. By offering so-called energy flexibility, companies can contribute to grid stabilisation and generate additional revenue," explains Václav Těhle, CEO of Nano Energies.

Nano Energies' technology helps customers optimise their consumption or production management without limiting their operational capacity. For most customers, revenue is generated by short-term adjustments to their energy production or consumption at times when the transmission system needs to make up for deviations. A relevant example is greenhouses. If a greenhouse reduces lighting or heating for a few minutes during the day, it can earn tens of thousands of euros per year without negatively affecting operations.

Energy systems are undergoing a major technological transformation due to high energy prices and the rapidly growing number of renewable sources in the energy mix. In this context, energy flexibility becomes an important part of the solution. Romania has committed to a share of around 30.7% renewable energy by 2030 through the National Integrated Energy and Climate Change Plan.

"As a flexibility aggregator, we provide ancillary services for the transmission system. This is particularly important as the use of renewable energy sources, which are inherently variable, expands. With the increasing number of solar farms, there is a significant risk of imbalances in the grid, especially in summer. Aggregation flexibility has the potential to prevent such situations and even pave the way for more renewables. At the same time, we can help to gradually decarbonise the grid and accelerate and cheapen the energy transition that Romania is going through. Our immediate goal is to manage a 35 MW portfolio in Romania by 2024," concludes Václav Těhle.

Nano Energies, originally from the Czech Republic, manages the energy assets of corporate customers in three countries in the CEE region - the Czech Republic, Croatia and Romania. In December 2023, flexibility aggregator Nano Energies was acquired by energy group Second Foundation, a Czech company that is a European leader in algorithmic trading on electricity markets. By combining the know-how of both companies, Nano Energies will be able to maximize customer profits beyond its existing services - by trading customer energy flexibility on spot markets.

About Nano Energies

Founded in 2008, Nano Energies is a Czech company providing businesses with the opportunity to manage electricity efficiently and responsibly–through flexible management of consumption and production of energy assets.. The group continues to build virtual power plants in the Czech Republic, Croatia and Romania, with additional countries in the pipeline for an expansion of this activity. Virtual power plants help to stabilise countries’ power grids and promote the development of renewable sources of energy. In December 2023, Second Foundation became the sole owner of Nano Energies.

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