Nano Energies hires execs from PPF Group and ČEZ ESCO, completes top management team

Prague,  28. November 2022

Czech technology company Nano Energies has announced two new strong hires from the data analytics and finance sectors. Michal Rychnovský, who has worked for many years at investment group PPF’s Home Credit, will be the new Chief Analytics Officer. Matej Šanta, who joins from energy group ESCO Slovakia, will become the group’s Chief Financial Officer.

With these appointments, the company’s CEO Stanislav Chvála has completed his new executive team, whose task will be to focus on B2B flexibility development in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and expansion in Central Europe and the Balkans.

“There is a growing interest in energy flexibility aggregation in the Czech Republic. We expect rapid growth and we keep on preparing ourselves for the expansion. In line with that we have reinforced Nano Energies’ top management team. Part of the leadership team has been developed internally and part has been headhunted from the top management of well known companies. The energy industry is going through a turbulent period and 2023 will be marked by big steps forward,” said Nano Energies CEO Stanislav Chvála.

Newly appointed CAO Michal Rychnovský has worked for many years for PPF Group in the Czech Republic and in Asia. The former top manager of Home Credit with a PhD in statistics will now lead the data analytics, dispatching, forecasting and business intelligence teams. The recent shift in the energy industry requires much deeper and more complex data handling, predictive analytics and a managerial approach – all of these are areas that Rychnovsky brings to Nano Energies.

Similarly, newly appointed CFO Matej Šanta comes from ESCO Slovakia, a Czech energy market leader ČEZ ESCO’s Slovak subsidiary that Matej helped found and launch. In addition, he also helped to establish ČEZ ESCO itself in the Czech Republic a few years ago. Subsequently, he was responsible for strategy and M&A as the Board member. In his previous position at ČEZ Group, Matej was also responsible for the long-term strategy and management of selected key projects.

The complete management team includes key people that are already working at Nano Energies. Chief Risk Manager is Lenka Poul, a specialist in quantitative data analysis with a PhD in mathematics and more than 10 years of experience in financial markets. In the past, Lenka has worked at Deutsche Bank, where she was involved in setting up risk management strategies for pricing models or developing and setting up validation models.

The Chief Technology Officer is Jan Dvořák, who joined the company in 2018 from cybersecurity giant Avast, where he worked for eight years as a senior developer and then a technology leader.

Also, Jan Novák has been newly promoted and appointed Chief Product Officer. Jan has been with Nano Energies for four years. Previously, he worked for gas and energy supplier innogy Czech Republic and innogy SE in Berlin, where he led international projects to enhance the customer experience of B2B customers.

Nearly 130 people work for Nano Energies group developing energy flexibility services in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia and Romania. The core business is based on new smart flexible consumption and production management services, which allows companies and producers to not only save costs on electricity consumption or production, but also to earn money by providing balancing services to grid operators. Using tailored-made software, Nano Energies enables customers to buy electricity when it is cheap and sell when the price rises. Aggregating energy flexibility benefits the entire market – it helps prevent blackouts and supports expansion of the deployment of new renewable energy sources.