Prague based Nano Energies celebrates success. The company becomes the first independent electricity aggregator licensed in Croatia

Prague/Zagreb,  31. August 2022

Businesses and households across Europe are dealing with rising electricity prices. One way out of the crisis may be flexibility aggregation, which, in addition to smartly managing electricity consumption and production, also helps reduce operating costs. Nano Energies is the first to bring such a solution to the Croatian market.

The Czech energy company has become the first to be issued a license by the Croatian energy market regulator HERA to provide independent flexibility aggregator services. In simple terms, this means that it can remotely operate its customers’ equipment without being their electricity supplier. This solution is still not anchored in legislation in the Czech Republic or Slovakia. 

“The Croatian transmission system is rapidly decentralising and flexibility aggregation has started to play an extremely important role here. Renewables are naturally variable – sometimes the sun shines less or the wind doesn’t blow. We help to smooth out these fluctuations. We will create a virtual power plant that will store electricity, balancing the stability of the grid and generating a profit for the operators. At the same time, we will speed up and lower costs for the energy transformation we are undergoing in Croatia. And in doing so, open the way for connecting other renewable energy sources,” explains Nano Energies Croatia Country Manager Dominik Marinčević.

Nano Energies is thus opening the way for companies and electricity producers in Croatia. Modern management of consumption and production, which will enable them to not only save money but also make additional profits. Using their own software, they enable their customers to buy electricity when it is cheap and sell it when the price rises. At the same time, the entry of a flexibility aggregator gives the grid a significant boost to help prevent blackouts. 

“In Western countries, flexibility aggregators are replacing fossil and nuclear power plants and enabling the transition to sustainable energy. Nano Energies can harness the potential of electricity that would otherwise remain untapped. We adjust consumption and generation so that customers generate electricity when it is most expensive and consume it when it is cheapest. The customer does not even notice this during operation, because everything is done automatically, and at the same time it contributes to the stabilisation of the grid without the need to connect coal-fired power plants,” explains Nano Energies CEO Stanislav Chvála.