We started with the vision of decentralized, modern & clean energy.

We knew that many things would have to change for such a vision to become a reality, not just a dream. That's why we boldly ventured into new industries and markets, with a desire to disrupt the status quo.

First, we traded electricity on spot markets across Europe. Soon we started operating as a supplier - in the Czech Republic, we were the first and only supplier of truly 100% green electricity for many years. And then we discovered the potential of flexibility aggregation - and went all in.

Since 2017, we have been developing our own solution for independent aggregation, which we have put into practice in cooperation with the Czech transmission system operator CEPS. Similarly, we were at the origin of flexibility aggregation in Slovakia and Croatia, and we are now confirming its benefits for customers and the transmission system in Hungary and Romania.

years in the energy sector
experts: IT, analysts, traders and others
group turnover in 2021
MW under management

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We have always held a wide focus. Our daughter company Nano Green is now pushing for residential flexibility in the Czech Republic.

Nano Green is developing a mobile application for a smart home that monitors current and future energy prices every hour and optimizes the consumption of connected devices such as boilers or electric cars.

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