Balancing the grid and power schedule optimization:

How can you use your flexibility to create higher revenues?

Balance the grid with Ancillary Services

Dispatchable energy assets can create more value when managed together in a Virtual Power Plant (VPP). Large power consumers can play a crucial role in providing energy balancing in the grid. Better managed energy use can provide income where before there existed only costs. Nano Energies has built a digital energy platform for five CEE markets.

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Optimize your power schedules with Intraday Trading

The 24/7 trading floor at Nano Energies provides optimized dispatch of your assets thanks to our extensive experience as power traders. Our precise forecasting helps you sell your power at the best price through our VPP. By intelligently managing your energy use, power schedule optimization enables you to increase the revenue from your flexible assets or lower the energy expenditures for your business.

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A trusted partner between you and the rest of the network

Nano Energies is your connection to the grid operator, including dispatching, trading, and forecasting. The operator provides you with revenue whenever you help to balance the grid.

Where does flexibility come from?

Flexibility is found wherever energy use can be shifted. Either when producing energy or consuming it, such as in manufacturing or cold-storage. There is flexibility all around us and sometimes in unlikely places. Contact us to help you determine if your devices are flexible and how we can find new sources of revenue to make your energy bills lighter.

Electricity Production

If you have a facility that produces electricity in a way that can be shifted - we can help you make it more profitable.

Backup Generators
Combined Heat and Power
Biogas Stations
Biomass Stations
Solar & Wind

Demand Response

If you have a business that uses large amounts of energy that have a possibility to curtail - we can work together.

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Data Centers
Steel production
Cement Production
Paper Mills
Glass Production
Chemical Production

Energy Storage

Energy storage can mean batteries but also heat and cold, we can show you how to optimize your storage

Heat Accumulation
Battery storage
Cold Storage Centers

Small assets can't help the grid alone. But when stacked, their potential grows exponentially

Small facilities alone cannot help the grid - unless their output is at least in the tens of megawatts, there is nothing the operator can do about it. But we can connect machines as small as 0.2 MW and combine them into a single virtual power plant. And when such small resources are aggregated, their potential is multiplied and they can easily provide a great deal of help to the grid.

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24/7 on watch for your profit

We maintain 24-hour dispatching and remote operation of our entire portfolio of devices.

We pay the costs of connection

and in just a short time you'll have a new risk-free source of income
Step 1

Expert Analysis

We will work to find sources of flexibility in your energy systems. We will determine what can be managed and when and help you find the ideal operational plan. There is no cost for this service.

Step 2


We will securely connect to your devices to be able to monitor and remotely manage your systems based on the operational plan that we design for your business.

Step 3


After the communication link has been established, we will gather and start to share your energy data with the market operator.

Step 4

24-Hour monitoring & dispatching

We constantly monitor the market conditions, and forecast so you don’t have to. We continuously update our models with the newest pricing data to maximize your revenue and earn the most for your assets.

Connect to our virtual power plant.
Help the grid & profit from it.

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